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Tap Into Our Exclusive Workers’ Compensation Program for Artisan Contractors

We have begun to experience a turnaround, specifically in the residential market with new construction and renovations on the rise and many artisan contractors back to work or starting their own businesses. As artisans (carpenters, plumbers, electricians, masons, drywall installers and other tradesmen) get back on the job they need a Workers’ Compensation program that’s in sync with their business needs and affordable as well. Associated Insurance Specialty Agency (ASIA) is poised to assist you in providing your clients in the artisan contracting field with a program specifically designed for them.

Our Exclusive Artisan Contractors Workers’ Compensation Program can be written for Owner-Only or 1 Full-Time Employee operations. New ventures (with significant industry experience) are eligible as well. Lapse in coverage with a reasonable story?  We do those too!

We’ll provide you with the markets and reliability that comes with years of experience in the Workers’ Comp industry so that you can expand your agency business as your clients and prospects expand theirs.