Hospitality Workers Comp


Best-In-Class Workers’ Comp Markets in Hospitality

The hospitality sector is fraught with Workers’ Compensation exposure – a significant cost driver in an operation’s bottom line. Slips and falls, back injuries, sprains and strains are common occurrences. Shift work, inherent in the industry, whether it’s a restaurant or hotel, also brings a higher risk for workplace injury.

At Associated Insurance Specialty Agency (ASIA), we have the underwriting expertise to offer your hospitality clients a solid and competitive plan from top-rated insurance markets. Our staff serves as an extension of your agency’s underwriting arm to help you determine what programs will work best with your accounts. We can provide you with assistance in identifying exposures, developing loss control measures to mitigate those risks and advising your customers on promoting clear employee communication. We will also help you review your client’s policy employee classifications to make sure they’re paying correct rates, and to identify overestimated exposures as well as cost-reduction opportunities.

We provide markets for several classes within this industry, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Fast Food
  • Hotels, Motels
  • Resorts
  • Golf Courses
  • Country Clubs

In New Jersey, we can proudly offer our Small Business Owners Dividend Program for the classes above with premiums starting at $1500. Coupled with Schedule Credits for the right risk, this program and pricing simply can’t be beaten in New Jersey.

These risks also often get best-tier pricing from our markets in LCM states.  High mod?  No problem!

We also offer a number of options for large operations including Large-Deductible Plans and Retrospective Rating Plans. Moreover, our staff will keep you abreast of changing state regulations so that you and your clients are informed as to any potential coverage and/or pricing implications.